Welcome to the Palmont Police WikiaEdit

The wiki of Palmont Police Department (PPD) in Tri-City. Here to protect and serve since 2010!

PPD is a fictional police force in Need For Speed: World. It is the biggest police force in the series.

Here you will learn about it.

Ranks and VehiclesEdit

Level 1 (Local) - Dodge Charger SRT8 Police

Level 2 (County) - Dodge Charger SRT8 Undercover,Light SUV

Level 3 (State) - State Muscle Police , Pontiac GTO Police

Level 4 (State tactical forces) - State Muscle Undercover, Pontiac GTO Undercover

Level 5 (Federal) - Corvette Z06 Federal police , Heavy SUV

Level 6 (International) - Cross Corvette Z06

Latest activityEdit

Video Library.


Here you can find our condition levels and its vehicles.

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